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The Luxury Garden & Spa Company


We provide bespoke garden furniture and spa services, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. We understand that for our customer the garden is an extension of their home, needing to reflect their own taste and design. We strive to achieve that goal. The Luxury Garden & Spa Company works with a range of stockists which align with our own brand ethos, focusing on contemporary, modern and sleek designs, but with an air of timeless elegance woven in to everything we do. As our name suggests, in addition to supplying luxury garden furniture, we also source high end spa facilities including hot tubs, jacuzzis and swim spas.


We will work consultatively with you to ensure we deliver a service which directly meets your garden and spa requirements. We provide insight in to what we believe will work best for your budget and desired finished look, whilst sourcing all the necessary material and goods, providing you with a stress-free end to end solution that will utterly transform your outdoor space.


With over fifteen years’ experience we know what works and how to deliver it.


Stephen & Stephen


The Luxury Garden & Spa Company

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