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Why use Luxury Garden Furniture in your Garden

Updated: Apr 23

When shopping for furniture for your garden, there are many things you need to take into consideration, the size, the colour, the longevity and - most importantly- the comfort that this piece of furniture is going to provide you.

Luxury garden furniture can provide all these and more for your garden and we're here to guide you through why you shouldn't cut corners and go for Luxury furniture in your garden.

The Longevity of Your Garden Furniture

Here at the Luxury Garden and Spa company, all of our products are specially selected to be of only the highest quality from the best manufacturers.

This means that, where cheaper garden furniture products would begin to rust, weaken or chip over a short period of time, the products you buy with us are designed to last for many years to come.

This saves you money in the long run and is much more sustainable for the planet.

Our Westminster Range features incredible Sunbrella® fabric and Quick Dry Foam on all of their cushioned pieces. Which means you don't have to store your cushions indoors, or wait for drier weather before enjoying your garden.

The Comfort of Luxury Garden Furniture

Treat your outdoor furniture like your indoors, with soft, cushioned sofas, armchairs and loungers. You can truly relax in your garden.

With no need to switch out the fabric-covered cushions in the bad weather, you can enjoy your garden for the whole year. - A hot tub certainly goes a long way in the colder weather!

Host dinner parties around your gorgeous outdoor table and fire pit, or chill out on your 7 seater sofa, the comfort of luxury garden furniture is truly unparalleled.

To enjoy the most out of your garden all year round we recommend that you take a look at our furniture sets.

The Style of Luxury Furniture

Our range of outdoor furniture products come with unparalleled style. Match your outdoor furniture to your indoor living aesthetic, matching colours and styles to extend your inside space out into the garden.

From loungers, to swing seats and 7 seater sofas, you're bound to find the perfect feature piece for your garden.

Not sure what will best benefit your outdoor space, or need help deciding on the perfect sofa? get in touch with the Luxury garden and Spa company today and see how we can help turn your garden into a comfortable extension of your indoors.

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