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Almost Heaven Saunas has set the standard for quality barrel saunas for over 40 years. we use only the finest materials to create the best, most authentic sauna experience for true sauna lovers. Skilled, experienced artisans craft each sauna using only high-grade, thick sections of lumber. once fit together in a traditional cooperage fashion, the cedar expands to form a tight seal and constantly circulates the air for a sauna environment that heats quickly and consistently. Our Barrel Saunas are designed to be used outdoors. when you demand an authentic sauna experience - a beautiful, high-quality sauna that performs beyond your expectations - you’re demanding a barrel sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas.

Pinnacle Barrel Sauna

    • Capacity : 4 persons
    • Size : 1830mm x 1830mm
    • Room Length : 1651mm
    • Heater size : 6kw
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